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Vlier Spring Loaded Devices, Helicoils, Wrenches

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Installing Spring Loaded Devices Ball plungers and stubby plungers have a screwdriver slot on the rear of the body. Standard plungers have an allen set-screw. If the recommended installation torques are exceeded, the possibility of stripping the screwdriver slot or breaking the set-screw loose exists. To eliminate this possibility, Vlier suggests that you prototype your installation procedures when using the nylon locking element in aluminum applications.

Installing Into Helicoils Locking helicoils can cause the same installation problems as the nylon locking element. You should never use the nylon locking element when also using a locking helicoil. Regular helicoils may be used in conjunction with the nylon locking element but Vlier recommends that you may still want to prototype the installation or call us at

When using locking helicoils, Vlier suggests that you experiment with different drill sizes during the tapping operation and determine which drill size or class of thread gives you the appropriate amount of thread locking and still allows minimum installation effort.

Using the Vlier Wrench The Vlier Wrench is used when installing a spring loaded device from the front end of the body. Be aware of the recommended installation torques when using the Vlier Wrench.

Blind Hold Application The bottom few threads of a blind hole are often imperfect threads and can cause difficulty when installing spring loaded devices. Vlier recommends that blind holes be tapped using bottom taps or tapped deeper than necessary, if possible.

Using Power Screwdrivers When set on the lowest torque level, power screwdrivers can provide more constant pressure on the slot than can be obtained by using a regular screwdriver. This may allow spring loaded devices to be installed in tight threads that may not have been possible using a manual screwdriver.

To place an order call 1-800-526-6003     M.J. Vail Company
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