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Vlier Spring Loaded Devices - Installation Torque

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Maximum Installation Torques Because spring loaded devices are not bolts or screws, the maximum installation torques they can withstand are significantly less than bolts or screws. the table below should be used as a guideline for installing Vlier spring loaded devices. If you require more specific information, please call us at 1-800-526 6003 or email us.
Thread Size
Thread Size
Max Installation Torque
No.4 M2.5x0.45 .60
No.5 M3x0.5 1.25
No.6 M3.5x0.6-6g 1.65
No.8 M4x0.7-6g 2.15
No.10 M5x0.8-6g 3.15
1/4 M6x1-6g 6.0
5/16 M8x1.25 11.0
3/8 M10x1.5 16.0
7/16 M11x1.5 22.0
1/2 M12x1.75 28.0
9/16 M14x2.0 36.0
5/8 M16x2.0 55.0
3/4 M20x2.5 70.0
7/8 M22x2.5 95.0
1 M24x3.0 130.0
1-1/8 M30x3.5 160.0
1-1/4 M33x3.5 190.0

Installation into Different Materials Installation problems can occur when a spring loaded device supplied with a nylon locking element is installed into soft metals and locking helicoils. Aluminum threads may be damaged by the steel threads of the spring loaded devices upon installations and this can make it very difficult for deeper installation or removal. When installing only a few spring loaded devices into soft metals, Vlier recommends that you purchase spring loaded devices without the nylon locking element and use a thread locking adhesive or helicoil. When installing large quantities of spring loaded devices it may be cost effective to ask Vlier to apply a lighter nylon locking element or apply the nylon locking element in a different location on the body.

To place an order call 1-800-526-6003     M.J. Vail Company
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