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Toggle Pads

Vlier toggle pads solidly clamp part with uneven or of angle surfaces, and they are self aligning and self leveling. A 7 1/2 degree angle or movement from center allows the pad to automatically seat against the surface of the workpiece when a force is applied, thus elminating clamp slippage. There is no binding or distortion of the pad. Steel ball is case hardened.
Delrin Pads are used to avoid damage to soft metals, polished surfaces, or other finishes.
Part No. A B C D E LOAD, lbs. LOAD, lbs.
Delrin Steel Steel Pads Delrin Pads
Pads Pads    
NP-300 P-300 1/4-20 1/2 HEX 5/8" 5/8" 5/16" 3,900 360
NP-302 P-302 5/16-18 9/16 HEX 3/4" 11/16" 3/8" 5,900 360
NP-304 P-304 3/8-16 5/8 HEX 13/16" 3/4" 3/8" 6,400 570
NP-306 P-306 1/2-13 3/4 HEX 15/16" 7/8" 7/16" 7,000 570
NP-308 P-308 5/8-11 7/8 HEX 1" 1" 7/16" 10,000 1000
NP-310 P-310 3/4-10 1-1/6 HEX 1-11/32" 1-1/4" 5/8' 13,500 1300
NP-312 P-312 1-8 1-3/8 HEX 1-53/64" 1-5/8" 13/16" 18,750 1570

Stock Crowder
Provides positive alignment of stock in dies and fixtures. Saves pilots and is easily removed when dies are to be sharpened. Handles stock as thin as .010" and width variation up to 1/16". Thinner material can be handled by setting stock pusher in counterbore. Simple to mount-only requires one tapped hole. Patent No. 2,939,699.

Part no. Color Code (ring plate): Force
PL4 PL4 - SILVER 2 lbs
4 lbs
PM4 PM4 - GOLD 3 lbs
6 lbs
PH4 PH4 - BLACK 5 lbs
10 lbs

To assure that the proper force will be applied as shown in chart,
locate tapped hole
.407 from edge of stock
(for 2,3, and 5 lbs.),
or .376 from edge of stock
(for 4,6, and 10 lbs.).

Vlier Wrench
The Vlier wrench provides fast installation of Vlier ball, spring and Stubby spring plungers and prevents spring damage that can result when a screwdriver is used on the ball or plunger end.

Wrench No. For Thread Size
VW-48 6-32
VW-50 8-32 & 8-36
VW-52 10-32, M4 & M6
VW-54 1/4-20 & 1/4-28
VW-56 5/16-18 & M8
VW-58 3/8-16 & M10
VW-60 1/2-13 & M12
VW-62 5/8-11
VW-64 3/4-10
VW-66 1"-8

Wrench for Vlier Plungers
HPM/HDM Series
Wrench No. For Thread Size
HMW10 M10
HMW12 M12
HMW16 M16
HMW20 M20
HMW24 M24

Wrench for Vlier Long Travel Plungers
Wrench No. For Thread Size
HLW10 M10
HLW12 M12
HMW16 M16
HLW20 M20
HLW24 M24

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