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About the Nylon Locking Element

Locking Element Most Vlier spring loaded devices are available with a nylon locking element at no extra cost. The nylon locking element comes in two forms, a nylon pellet for thread diameters 1/4 inch and larger, and a nylon patch for thread diameters smaller then 1/4 inch. The nylon locking element eliminates the need for checknuts, locking helicoils, or the use of thread locking adhesives.
When ordering the locking element, add "N" or "P" to the end of the part number. "N" for 1/4" threads and larger, "P" for threads smaller than 1/4 inch.
When using the nylon locking element (thread sizes 1/4 inch and larger) it is strongly recommended that the mating thread be countersunk 90 degrees by 1/32" larger than the major thread diameter to prevent dislodging the nylon pellet, which is press-fit into the body.

The nylon locking element forces the threads on the opposite side of a spring loaded device to compress against the mating threads of a tapped hole. This compression is what provides the thread locking property. This compression is also what can cause installation problems when going into soft metals. When the steel threads of a spring loaded device are forced against aluminum threads of a tapped hole, the steel threads can damage the softer alumninum threads. If the aluminum threads get too damaged, it becomes very difficult to install the spring loaded device deeper or to remove it because the slot, or the set screw (used for installing the spring loaded device), becomes damaged.
Vlier applies a much "lighter locking element today then in years past, and our spring loaded devices work in soft metal applications the majority of the time. If our standard locking element does not install easily in your application, you might try using a larger drill in the tapping operation, or ask a Vlier Applications Engineer for a quote on a special.

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