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Vlier Torque Thumb Screws

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Unique head release design-Only the Vlier Torque Thumb Screw uses a spring-controlled ball-checkin the head release mechanism which is perpendicular to the screw axis, assuring accurate end force every time with long life and no wobble.

Head design prevents chips, dirt, etc. from reaching the working parts. A retaining ring secures the knurled ring in place, but permits complete disassembly in seconds.
Vlier Torque Thumb Screws are specially designed for positive repeatable end force and are ideal for applications where controlled forces are required. When the factory pre-set torque/force is reached, the head of the torque thumb screw turns freely, preventing overtightening which could cause the workpiece to deform or distort. Backing-off action is positive, speeding unloading. TORQUE-LIMITING DEVICES- The simple, fool-proof principle used in Vlier Torque Thumb Screws has been adapted to many designs. Steel with black oxide finish.

Regular (Type A)

For use in general applications.
Part No. A B C D Estimated
End Force, lbs.
T-102 10-32 1-1/4" .47" 7/8" 7-15
T-103 1/4-20 1-3/4" 9-18
T-103-1 1/4-20 2-1/2" 9-18
T-103-A 5/16-18 1-3/4" .47" 7/8" 10-20
T-103-A1 2-1/4"
T-103-B 3"
T-104 3/8-16 1-3/4" .47" 7/8" 12-23
T-104-1 2-1/4"
T-105 3"
T-106 1/2-13 1-3/4" .50" 1-1/8" 13-25
T-106-1 2-1/4"
T-107 3"
T-107-1 3-1/2"
T-108 5/8-11 1-3/4" .50" 1-1/8" 15-28
T-109 3"

Swivel-Pad Model

This unique tool combines torque-limiting with a surface-protecting ball bearing swivel pad. The pad securely hold off-angle surfaces without marring or damage, and swivels 7 1/2 degrees from the center line in all directions. Backing off action is positive for fast unloading.
Part Number A B C D Estimated
Steel Pad Delrin Pad End Force, lbs.
TS-103 NTS-103 1/4-20 2-1/4" 7/16" 7/8" 9-18
TS-103A NTS-103A 5/16-18 2-1/4" 7/16" 7/8" 10-20
TS-104 NTS-104 3/8-16 2-1/4" 7/16" 7/8" 12-23
TS-107 NTS-107 1/2-13 3" 1/2" 1-1/8" 13-25

To place an order call 1-800-526-6003     M.J. Vail Company
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