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Vlier Spring Loaded Devices

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Spring Loaded Devices

In an attempt to help our customers understand how spring loaded devices can be used to their best advantage, Vlier has created this section of the catalog specifically for people who design spring loaded devices into products, fixtures and assembly tools. It should be understood that these tips are general guidelines. Vlier realizes many designs are applications specific and are controlled by size, weight, material and other factors.

What is a spring loaded Device A spring loaded device adds value to a spring by encapsulating it in a body and providing a plunger tip on one end, which allows for accurate and repeatable end forces.
A spring loaded device is not a bolt or a screw, and it should not be subjected to the same installation or fastening forces common with bolts and screws. A spring loaded device does not have the head size of a screw or bolt and it has a hollow thread in order to encapsulate a spring. Vlier highly recommends that you read our installation tips before designing spring loaded devices into your product or fixture.

Why use a spring loaded device? There are many reasons why people use spring loaded devices instead of creating their own or in place of a standard spring. the most common reasons are:
  • Accurate and repeatable end forces
  • Allows for side loading (impossible for springs)
  • Easier to install than standard springs
  • Repeatable projection time after time
  • Minimal compression set of the spring

Material Selection: Vlier spring loaded devices are available in the following body and plunger materials:
Stainless Steel: Good in corrosive environments, food processing and high temperature applications (the spring can withstand 600 degrees Fahrenheit).
Carbon Steel: Less expensive material than CRES and better wear resistance of the plunger tip due to case hardening.
Nylon or Delrin: Will not mar soft material such as aluminum or brass.
Phenolic: Will not mar soft material such as aluminum or brass. More brittle than nylon or delrin.

Information needed to Select
the proper Vlier Spring Loaded Device
  1. Select end forces needed - standard or light.
  2. Select plunger travel distance required.
  3. Select plunger type - hex or round.
  4. Select plunger material - steel, stainless steel, phenolic, nylon or delrin.
  5. Select thread size or hole diameter.
  6. Do you require a thread locking element?
  7. Do you require a special?
  8. Order by part number.

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