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New Models

The "V-Foot" Clamp
for use with drills

The "Long T"
for extended reach

"Universal C"
around obstructions

"Compactor C"
slim design

"Capital T"
attach to surface

The Big Base

De Sta Co Industries, the world's first and leading manufacturer of manual toggle clamps, introduces an exciting new line of products.

STA-Grip™ expands the world of set-up and cycle time reduction opportunities with Plier Grip Capabilities.

STA-Grip is like a third hand - designed and engineered for easy, single-hand operation.

STA-Grip clamps are ideal in a variety of workholding challenges
- from the most delicate woodworking operation to the harshest welding environment.

De-Sta-Co brings a total of 5 carbon steel models of plier clamps to our customers, plus an easy to use height adapter. Three models also are available in a non magnetic stainless steel option. In addition to these standard models, modifications are available on request.

The models range in holding capacity from 225 lbs. to 674.5 lbs. of clamp pressure, yet workholding solutions set up with STA-Grip clamps weigh less then competitors.

STA-Grip's ability to function as a secure fastening point is balanced with the addition of moveable pressure pads that conform automatically to the shape of the workpiece, distributing pressure evenly, and also protecting vulnerable surfaces. Their unique design is ideal for compact work areas or for those applications when a tool needs longer reach.


Use STA-Grip for



Nobody else offers the broad product line
and engineering support as De Sta Co.
The world leader in clamping.

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We stock a full line of DeStaCo Products including
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