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How To Identify Toggle Clamps by Model Numbers

DE-STA-CO toggle clamps are classified in Action Groups, Series and as Models. There are four basic Action Groups. A group is indicated by a three digit number (200's, 300's, 400's, 500's, 600's, 800's). Most Model numbers include on of these numbers together with a suffix of one or more letters.
All Series and Models in a group have the same general characteristics.
All letter suffixes refer to specific design features ans indicated in this chart.

Various model-number suffixes - such as Model 207-UB - are used to help you visualize design characteristics. The key to these suffixes is in the following chart.

AL Lightweight aluminum construction (#400's)
B Straight-Base models, no flange
G Models have guided bar (#200's and 500's)
L Base flanged to left (#205 Series)
L Models have extra long bars (#200's)
O Externally-threaded plunger (#600's)
R Base flanged to right (#205 Series)
R Toggle-Lock Plus Safety release lever
S Pressure-Matic spring spindle assembly (#400's)
S Solid holding bar (bolt retainer furnished)
SS Corrosion-resistant stainless steel
SQ Square plunger (#600's)
T "T" Shaped, shorter handle (#200's)
U "U" Shaped, holding bar (#200's)
2 Units have two spindles (#400's)

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