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Selecting the Proper Clamp

The information contained in this catalog is designed to help you select the right clamp to accomplish your job. We are qualified and willing to offer assistance in special or unusual applications. For most ordinary applications, however, consideration of the following points will lead to proper clamp selection:

  • Size and shape of the parts to be held.
  • Uniformity of part size. (Maybe you should consider a spring-loaded spindle to compensate for uneven parts).
  • Holding capacity required.
  • Strength and dexterity of the operator
  • Operator's position. (Should you use horizontal or vertical handle models?)
  • Frequency of operation. (Should you plan for a temporary or permanent fixture?)
  • Time cycle of operation. (Consider a turntable or conveyor set-up if curing time is required.)
  • Cycling time and sequence. (Air-operated models can be operated faster and in sequence.)
  • Environment. (Stainless steel, aluminum, or lightweight composite models might be desirable.)

Processing Applications
Remember, the same toggle action force multiplying principle can be applied to other tasks besides holding. Certain DE-STA-CO models can be used to position parts, power fixtures, or perform mechanical functions such as piercing sheet metal, staking rivets, or locating.
OEM Applications
DE-STA-CO clamps provide ready-made, compact devices for moving or holding components. A little imagination will often show the product designer a way to obtain motion or locking force with no tooling costs and often at less cost than custom designed components. Thousands of DE-STA-CO clamps will be found installed as original equipment for cleanout door latches, wheel locks, positioning devices, etc.

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