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De-Sta-Co Pneumatic Clamps use air-actuated cylinders to operate the clamping action. They are ideal for quick clamping in repetitive production operations, and yet are portable and economical to use on short run jobs with temporary fixturing.

Pneumatic Hold-Down and Straight-Line clamps utilize the same basic design and operation as Manual Hold-Down or Straight-Line clamps, only they are operated pneumatically. They retain the desirable toggle-lock safety feature, so they stay mechanically locked even with total loss of air pressure. Holding capacities are a function of the cylinder/clamp/pressure combination. The units are completely self-contained and require only a pressure source hook-up.

Pneumatic Swing Cylinder Clamps feature a clamping arm that rotates 90°, then down. The swing of the clamping arm minimizes obstruction in the workspace and makes loading or unloading of parts easy. The clamping stroke allows wide variation in part size, with automatic adjustment on every cycle. Loss of air pressure, however will cause a loss of exerting force.

Low Profile Pneumatic Retractor Clamps are also available with a compact size and low profile for mounting in restricted areas. They feature a variable clamping and can operate in any position or mounting angle.

Remote Operation Air Supply
Consistent Force Air Hoses
Fast Seals Sensitive to High Temperatures
Simultaneous or Sequenced Operation of Multiple Clamps ______

Standard De-Sta-Co Pneumatic Clamps can be modified to fit specific design or operation requirements, including changing the clamps assembly (bar, vase, materials, finish); the actuating cylinder travel, the seal material (for example, to Viton, which exhibits better performance at higher temperatures); and adding a cushion to dampen cylinder rod return.

The Pneumatic Swing Cylinder can be fitted with a Sensing Option. A magnetic ring on the piston interacts with switch mounted on the housing to sense whether the clamp is open or closed. The switch then sends a signal to actuate a relay or to a programmable controller, etc.

Clamp accessories include: spindles, pressure-matic/plunger-matic (spring-loaded) spindles, caps, flanged washers, and bolt retainers.

A complete line of pneumatic accessories is also available, enabling you to design and plumb your own pneumatic circuit. These include regulators, valves, manifolds, hose kits, and quick connect push-in fittings.

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