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Variable-Stroke Plunger Action

Series FO/FL/G/F

Designed for quick action where there are wide size variations from piece to piece or where the opening and closing motions need to be long. In operation the plunger is simply pushed forward until it contacts the workpiece. The locking lever (A) is then rotated clockwise which locks the plunger by means of the collet (D) and simultaneously advances the plunger to apply clamping force to the work. This power travel is based on 180° of handle rotation. The actual plunger power travel is 2.5 mm for the models with 8 mm plunger diameter, 3 mm for models with 12 mm plungers, and 4 mm for models with 16 mm plunger diameter.

The cutaway drawing shows a model whose locking lever is integral with the plunger. Long stroke models, whose plungers are sold separately in a choice of lengths, have the locking lever attached directly to the threaded sleeve. In all models, except the handwheel types, a spline (E) permits easy repositioning of the locking lever.

Model FO-082/40, G082/40

Holding capacity: 300 lbs. maximum
11 oz.
Plunger diameter:
8 mm
Plunger tapped thread:
40mm Maximum
Power travel:
2.5 mm

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