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Heavy-Duty Plunger Action

Series 670, 675, 690, 695

A unique feature of these clamps is the collet-type bushing that can be adjusted to eliminate plunger end movement after long, repeated usage. The plunger also has a flat which prevents lateral movement and permits offset piloting and holding.

The plunger is drilled and tapped for threaded spindles or custom fixturing.

A pre-load nut (PL) is optional. This adjustable nut can be used to cause the clamp to lock against itself when not under pressure and therefore prevent opening when mounted vertically. An optional spring hold-open device (S) is also available to prevent the clamp from falling closed. Spring clip covers (C) can be ordered which protect the mechanism from chips, shavings, etc. Available in two styles, Models 670 and 690 offer longer plunger travel than the shorter Models 675 and 695. All four models can be ordered with the handle position welded to option base (B) at 90° increments - 0° position being straight up vertically. Ball handles are standard on Models 670 and 675.

Model 670
Model 675
Model 690
Model 695

670, 690 Long Plunger
675, 695 Short Plunger

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