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Pallet Pack Accumulator

Model 70140

this package contains an accumulator, pressure gauge and shutoff valve. It is designed for use in closed circuit hydraulic systems (such as transfer pallets) where the hydraulically clamped load is disconnected from the power source. Its main function is to maintain the system pressure and compensate for small leaks in the system.

Rotating fixtures or pallets are often impractical to equip with feed lines or independent power sources, and Hydraulic Pallet Pack is an ideal answer. Operation is simple.

CAUTION: When the 70140 is used with De-Sta-Co semi-automatic booster, a 70974 flow restrictor must be used to retard the return flow to the booster.

Clamping Procedure

  1. With the hose from source connected to the quick disconnect and the shutoff valve open, energize power source and clamp.
  2. When gauge shows full pressure, close the shutoff valve.
  3. De-energize power source.
  4. Disconnect hose.

Unclamping Procedure

  1. With power source de-energized, reconnect hose.
  2. Open shutoff valve.

Maximum operating pressure 3000 psig
Minimum operating pressure 1000 psig

Hydraulic Pressure
3000 psig (Max.)
2000 psig
1000 psig (Min.)
Oil Volume Stored
3.1 cu. in
2.5 cu. in.
0.4 cu. in.

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