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Hydraulic Press

Model 70750

Every small workshop can produce pressed parts or insert bushings with the De-Sta-Co Hydraulic Press. This press provides 4 1/2 tons o exerting force from ordinary shop line air pressure. The sturdy press includes all hydraulic connections - no additional hydraulic power source is required. The connections - no additional hydraulic power source is required. The Hydraulic Press power is provided by a Hydra-Dyne Power Booster (Model 70104), which converts normal air pressure to high pressure hydraulic power. The main hydraulic power ram is a Hydra-Dyne moveable power head (Model 70661).

The extremely compact ram offers high ram force with precision and fast action. The double piston ram has a full 1" power stroke for quick and easy loading and unloading. It has precision ground. Hard chrome finished piston rods running in micro-finished bores. The press has easily adjusted stroke-limiting screws (power and return) which are located at the top of the ram. The ram head can be positioned from 4 1/2" to 7 3/8" above the bolster plate (press bed). Attached to the ram head is a machined steel ram mounting plate with machined mounting holes to facilitate attaching dies.

A tilt base permits the entire press to be inclined up to 20°. Tilting the press can speed up the ejection of scrap or the work piece in blanking operations. The bolster plate has a pre-machined hold for rapid ejection of slugs produced in piercing operations.


Displacement - 2.209 cu. in.
Weight - 123 lbs.
Max. input air pressure - 120 psig
Air inlet (psig) x 71.59 = Force
Power Ratio = 1:71.59
e.g., If inlet air pressure = 100 psig
then ram force = 100 x 71.59
or 7,159 lbs. force

    Typical Applications
  • Blanking of steel, brass, or aluminum parts
  • Piercing template, pilot, or locator holes
  • Forming small pieces
  • Stamping extremely small items
  • Bending pins and steel strips for automotive parts
  • Inserting standard bearings or bushings
  • Removal of bearings or bushings
  • Piercing or notching of electronic circuit boards
  • Testing for fatigue in formed parts
  • Drawing small cups or other forms
  • Shearing small strip or coil metals
  • Marking identification numbers in metal parts
  • Embossing logos in plastic, leather or metal
  • Crimping pipe and tube ends
  • Connecting chain linkages
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