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Automatic Pump/Reservoir

Model 70150

Air -operated Model 70150 Hydraulic Pump/Reservoir provides fluid output pressure to 4500 psig from regular shop air line.

This unit is a completely self-contained air-operated hydraulic pressure source for portable or permanent installation. It operates economically on ordinary shop line air pressure from 40 to 125 psig and delivers high-pressure oil, up to 4500 psig, for operating single or multiple hydraulic clamping devices.

This "off-the-shelf" hydraulic power package is perfect for use in confined areas. The entire on-piece unit can be mounted on a bench, under a bench, beneath a machine table or anywhere convenient and requires only a single air input connection. The unit can also be centrally located to serve several work stations. The oil displacement and pressure available are charted using various system pressures.

The "continuous pumping" feature ensures the desired pressure and automatically compensates for any leakage in the system. Since no electricity is required, the Hydra-Dyne Hydraulic Pump/Reservoir is particularly well suited for use in hazardous locations. Can be ordered with special seals for use with noncombustible hydraulic fluids. Extra care has been taken to achieve a quiet running unit. When measured at 3 feet, the noise level is only 85 dBA.

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