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To determine the amount of clamping force needed to hold the part while machining.

Use this formula if the part is resting against solid stops.
(Remember the rotational direction of the cutter or spindle and the traverse movement must be against the solid stops.):

Use this formula if the part is not resting against solid stops:

Six Easy Steps To Design A Power Clamping System

To mill 1/8” off the top surface of a casting. Assume a machine efficiency of 50%, motor horsepower of 2HP and cutting speed of 6 feet per minute.

  1. Select Clamp Style: Swing Cylinder 71200 will completely clear the base plate for easy part loading/unloading. This clamp exerts 1,600 lbs. at 3,000 psig and the oil displacement is 1.5 cu. in.
  2. Determine Total Force Required To Hold Part While Machining:
    Using two solid stops, use the formula:

  3. Determine The Number Of Clamps Needed:
    Using the formula:

    (Use four clamps. Always add an extra clamp when the answer is a fraction. This will provide a safety factor and add to the life of the clamps and power supply.)
  4. Determine Total Cubic Inch Displacement Per Clamp and Multiply By Number Of Clamps:
    OR: 4 x 1.5 cu. in. = 6 cu. in. total
  5. Select Power Source:
    The Model 70108 Booster will produce the required amount of oil.
    1. Boosters
      1. the most reliable power source available
      2. immediate clamping pressure
      3. all that is needed is shop air
    2. Air/Oil Pumps
      1. all that is needed is shop air
      2. for larger systems and multiple systems
    3. Manual Pumps - Screw Pump and Hand Pump
      1. portable-lightweight
      2. inexpensive
      3. intermittent service
  6. Plumb The Components Together With The Proper Accessories And Fittings:
    Air Supply - FRL#70905
    Hand Operated Valve #70908
    Pressure Gauge #70925
    Rapid Exhaust Valve #70914
    Muffler #70916
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