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The Hydra-Dyne System is ideal for retrofitting or updating a simple mechanical clamping application. It is equally good for a complex, multiple system. Since the heart of any such system is the hydraulic power source, we have designed a variety of such power sources ranging from hand-operated hydraulic pumps to reciprocating pumps that automatically restore and hold pressure. These pumps, as well as the boosters (intensifiers), are operated by ordinary shop line air, If you already have a a hydraulic power source, the Hydra-Dyne clamping components can be powered your existing power sources as long as the clamps do not exceed their rated maximum pressure input.

Hydraulic clamping is fast. The operator merely shifts a valve handle and the workpiece is clamped. Various plumbing circuits can be used to cause multiple clamping devices to operate simultaneously or sequentially, Clamping forces are consistent and controllable. An inherent advantage of the Hydra-Dyne System is that compensation for part size variation is automatic.

Hydra-Dyne offers the economy and convenience of high-pressure hydraulic clamping to even the smallest shop or machine. All components of the system are designed for easy, flexible installation and the units can be quickly disconnected and used over and over again. This system is particularly well suited to indexing fixtures or moveable, palletized fixtures since the system can be designed so that it requires no external power connections when energized.

The extremely high clamping force generated by hydraulic pressure means that components can be very small and therefore easier to fit into confined spaces.

Many of the Hydra-Dyne Clamps are designed so that - when they completely clear the work area for easy loading and uploading.

Special High Temperature Seals (H/T Option) are also available. These optional seals withstand temperatures to 400° F continuous service.

The flexibility and rapid response, together with, controllable and measurable clamping forces makes the system well suited to automated, numerically-controlled machining operations.

To make design and installation convenient and easy for the user, the Hydra-Dyne System offers all components and parts needed for the complete hook-up. The time-consuming task of selecting parts from multiple sources is eliminated. The single source reliability offered by the Hydra-Dyne System assures that all parts and components match...they are sized to each other and are compatible with each other. Accessories such as mounting brackets, valves and manifolds are readily available.

A Hydra-Dyne System harnesses hydraulic pressure to exert force to clamp a part. A typical clamping system is really quite straight forward. It consists of: a power source, a valve to direct oil pressure; an actuator (clamping device); and plumbing accessories (hose or tubing and fittings). Using hydraulic clamping involves six easy steps which are discussed in the manual. Following these steps should help the reader feel more comfortable and confident about using hydraulic clamping.

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