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Switch Options

Models 810151, 810152, 810153, 810154, 810155, 810156, 810157, 810158

Switch options are available for the following Models: 802, 803, 807, 810, 812, 816, 817, 827, 830, 840, 846, 847, 849, 850, 858, 860, 868, 870, 890 & 1000.

Reed Switches are now available from factory stock. The switches are activated by magnetic ring contacts and sends a signal to a programmable controller or other electronic device.

Note: To use these switches, a clamp model must have the “-MR” suffix (indicates magnetic ring). Switches and clamps are ordered separately.

Switches have 9' leads as standard. Longer leads are available on special order.

Hall Effect switches are also available on special order. Contact us for information.

Switches have a tie-rod mounting clamp as standard. A band clamp is required for 812-MR and 816-MR cylinders, used with Switch Model 810152.

Warranty on Electrical Products
De-Sta-Co expressly limits the product warranty as applied to any electrical or electronic component used on or associated or connected with any product to a period of one year from the date the product is delivered to the first user.

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