DE-STA-CO XPress Products
What’s new at DE-STA-CO? An exciting new program designed to deliver products to our customers faster than we ever have before. We have taken DE-STA-CO’s “Top 40” models and bundled them into a package we call DE-STA-CO XPRESS. This new program was created to help guarantee you, our valued Customers, availability of our fastest moving products.

This program is only offered through a select group of our Authorized Distributors, who have made a firm and financial commitment to maintain a minimum quantity of our most popular models in stock at all times – to meet your urgent needs. In turn, DE-STA-CO promises to restock these Distributors within 48 hours of order placement.

The following DE-STA-CO Manual Clamp models are now offered through

201-U 213-U 317-S 601
202 215-U 317-U 602
202-U 217-U 323 603
205-S 225-U 324 604
205-U 227-U 325 605
207-S 235-U 331 607
207-U 247-U 334 624
207-UL 305-U 341 630
210-U 307-U 351

The following DE-STA-CO Pneumatic Clamp models also are offered as XPRESS products:

802 807-L 807-UL 810-UL 812

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