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How To Select The Proper Machinery Mount

In general, the information used to select the proper Machinery Mount includes the following:
  • Type of equipment to be mounted
  • Equipment weight and weight distribution
  • Number of mounting points
  • Size of bolt hole in mounting point
  • Unusual environmental conditions
  • Operating characteristics (RPM/SPM)
  • Type and description of surface on which equipment will be mounted

1. Divide the total weight of the machine by the number of mounting points to determine the load that must be supported by each mount. If the load is not evenly distributed, estimate the load on each mount as closely as possible.

2. Select the type of mount most suitable for you application from this guide.

3. Where several alternative type mounts are available, make your selection based on the most desirable features (e.g. leveling capacity, shock attenuation,etc.)

4. Do not apply any isolator at loads in excess of the indicated maximum load per mount.

5. For very large machinery, multiple mounts can be used at each mounting point. Call us at 1-800-526-6003 for assistance.

6. When mounting impact machines (drop hammers, etc.) contact us at 1-800-526-6003 for assistance.

Note: Weights and dimensions are shown for reference only. Performance data shown is typical and may refer to single input values only.

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