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Barrymount SLM MOUNTS

  • Air spring isolator with integral heavy wall construction
  • Deflection transfers shock to outer wall
  • Will not bottom out
  • Continued support & isolation even with no air pressure

  • Combined resiliency and air prevents high static deflection, drift or permanent set
  • Extends machinery life
  • Wide load range available
  • Low maintenance

Load Range
  • 8 Load ratings up to 19,200 lbs. per isolator
Low Profile, High capacity mounts for vibration and shock protection.

Barry SLM Mounts are pneumatic elastomeric mounts, ideal for applications requiring higher deflection isolators.
The SLM's mechanical bond design incorporates a positive locking system to ensure performance and safe operation.
  • High speed punch presses
  • Precision grinding machines
  • Shakers
  • Optical components
  • CMM machinery
  • Forging Hammers
  • Air Compressors
  • Other industrial equipment & machinery
    Natural Frequency 3-5 Hertz (10 Hz. Unpressurized)
    Transmission at Resonance 8:1
    Resilient Element Air and Neoprene diaphragm
    Standard Materials Steel & Aluminum
    Weight See Table

    SLM Mounts - Dimensions & Load Range Table

    Environmental Data
    Neoprene elastomer has an operating temperature range of -20 degrees F to +180 degrees F (-30 degrees C to +180 degrees C) and are resistant to oils, most solvents and ozone.

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