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990/915 Mount Series
  • Captive, fail-safe design
  • Natural rubber elements
  • Meet MIL standards
  • Eyelet reinforced mounting holes

  • Reduce installation costs
  • No special foundations required
  • Isolate shock & vibration and reduce structure borne noise
  • Minimize sounding board effects
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Load Range
  • 990 = 7 sizes with load ratings from 1.8 - 30 lbs. per isolator
  • 915 = 6 sizes with load ratings from 15-200 lbs. per isolator
Low-frequency, captive, industrial-type mounts for vibration and structure-borne noise isolation

990 and 915 mounts are for applications under light to medium weight industrial machinery requiring noise, shock and vibration isolation and are ideal for applications where structure-borne noise and sounding board effects must be minimized.

  • Phonographic equipment
  • Light motors (fractional HP)
  • Scales
  • Cameras
  • Optical Equipment
  • Vaccum Pumps
    Natural Frequency 10 Hertz
    Transmissibility at Resonance  
    Resilient Element Natural Rubber (standard)
    Standard Materials Cold-rolled Steel
    Weight 5.3 oz

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