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  • Fail-safe, all-attitude isolators
  • Gradually increasing stiffness under compression prevents bottoming out
  • Zinc plated steel construction
  • Provides isolation for frequencies above 40 hz at max. load
  • Compact low profile design

  • Provides protection in all directions
  • Provides effective reduction of structure borne noise

Load Range
  • Series UC1000 = 4 load ratings to 100 lbs./mount
  • Series UC2000 = 4 load ratings to 200 lbs./mount
  • Series UC4000 = 4 load ratings to 900 lbs./mount
  • Series UC3000 = 4 load ratings to 1,800 lbs./mount
A Universal set of mounts for protection from severe shock environments, high frequency vibration and stucture borne noise.
Barry Cupmounts combine protection against severe shock with efficient vibration isolation characteristics at frequencies above 40 Hertz. they can be mounted in any orientation for protection of sensitive electronic, electrical and mechanical equipment from high impact shocks.
  • Vehicular electronics
  • Motors & pumps
  • Fans & blowers
  • Transformers
  • Shipboard equipment
  • Aircraft/missile Electronics
  • Racking Systems
  • Random vibration environments
    Natural Frequency 20-45 Hertz
    Transmissibility at Resonance 6 max.
    Resilient Element Universal Black Elastomer
    Standard Materials Zinc plated steel
    Weight Series UC1000 = 6 oz. Series UC2000 = 1 lb. Series UC3000 = 10 lbs. Series UC4000 = 4 lbs.

    Environmental Data
    Universal Black Elastomer is ideal when moderate clamping is required and where oil immersion is enountered. Meetes MIL-M17185 (environmental) and MIL-STD-167 (vibration) specifications. The operating temperature range is -65 degrees F to +180 degrees F (-54 degrees C to +85 degrees C).

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